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 Post subject: Help, I don't want to drive normal cars again!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:18 am 

Joined: Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:14 pm
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Hiya everyone, well my insurance is due for renewal on my 1999 S reg Boxster 986 and I'm mortified! A quick rundown for you. I had a 944S that I sadly crashed in March 2010 (I loved that car) :crybaby: and it was my own fault, no other vehicles or people were involved and I wasn't injured and the payout for the car was £4000 minus £400 excess (a write off). I was paying about £750 a year for that car fully comp as I have only had a car license for four years and couldn't get classic insurance as it wasn't on a drive, I'm 37 and I'm a Firefighter, I live in a (not rough) part of Manchester. I bought the Boxster in may 2010 and put it straight on the policy that had only been running for 2 months.
I currently value it at £6000 and my renewal was £2098 fully comp! the cheapest quote I have had is £1448!
Please help as I really don't want to go back to normality, I think this might be a good time to join up. Any help really appreciated.
Thanks, Andy Bruce.

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 Post subject: Re: Help, I don't want to drive normal cars again!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:10 pm 

Joined: Thu Nov 15, 2007 8:02 pm
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Do Join as you will certainly reap the benefits from Insurance Discount Alone + loads of Club activities + of course help on this Forum!!

Any chance of keeping it a locked garage? that would help, or perhaps get an older Porsche that you could get on Classic - just a couple of thoughts.
Look in 911 & Porsche World, GT Purely Porsche & All Torque (Tipec) Magazines for numerous insurance companies.

I got my 1st Porsche (a 944) Sept 2004 - through Tipec Club, now on my 3rd & last 944 - a nicely tweaked Turbo in Jan 2006.
Rather than fill in umpteen online forms, or ring for a quote I put all my details in an e-mail - It's been an annual ritual to send it to numerous companies, probably tried 10 or so over the years with latest prices varying from £258 to £530 :-
Heres my latest list

Adrian flux quotes@adrianflux.co.uk
AON (Royal & Sun alliance) :- ?
RH Specialist Cars division:- specialistcardivision@equitygroup.co.uk
Carole Nash:- Chaucer cars@carolenash.com
Classic Line:- info@classiclineinsurance.co.uk
Heritage Insurance :- quote@norton-ib.co.uk
Peart :- insurance@peart.co.uk
Peter D.James Limited :- info@peterjamesinsurance.co.uk

I have previously been with Carole Nash, AON, & Peart, but last year changed to Peter D.James Ltd.
Just renewed, paying £269.39 Fully Comp - Classic (Garaged!) Unlimited Mileage, Commuting (not required as I'm retired but its included in the policy), Breakdown cover also not required (as I am with Caravan Club Mayday, for Towing etc but it covers all my 3 cars). £150 excess. Excellent
The actual insurers are Equity Red Star (the same as some of the others above) so its well worth the effort in shopping around saved me well over £250/yr!
Good hunting

3rd, & last 944 Now Porsche-less
TurboSE (sps 318Bhp,377ft lbf BAGS of Torque) Guards Red 165k,10yrs JMG Serviced Sold Aug 16

Volvo XC70 D5 (Hauler)
HymerCar Sydney
Nissan Micra (Runabout)
Previous 944's not forgotten
S2 Cab, 2.7 (Alpine White)

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 Post subject: Re: Help, I don't want to drive normal cars again!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:05 pm 

Joined: Fri Nov 16, 2007 5:56 pm
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Echo what Clive said ^^^
Club membership discount should outway the £35 joining fee and if you can get it off the road and into a garage will also help greatly. I renewed with Heritage last week @ £180 for the car insurance + the breakdown, legals etc ending at £239 total. Mines a modified 944turbo like Clives aswell with all the mods declared :wink:
Short of that then you'll have to move :lol: :lol: :lol:

JMG tuned Baltic Blue 944 turbo SE
Just got it running right after 3 years then crashed it AAAAARRRRRRRRGH
Now gone but at least I owned my dream car. R.I.P Blue Rocket
Nissan R33 GTR V-Spec now sits where Blue Rocket once stood

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 Post subject: Re: Help, I don't want to drive normal cars again!
PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:44 am 

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I have just gone back to Adrian Flux as my previous insurers who were brilliant last year (PerformanceMarque) could not match the quote of £269 this includes £32 for breakdown cover and home start. Full no claims 40+ with no accidents or convictions 6000 miles per year including commuting to work on a classic car policy £150 excess, parked on the driveway. Might be worthwhile getting a garage to keep it in or at least shopping around, I always find it is better to ring and discuss rather than use web based comparison sites (OK for the initial filtering I suppose). 944 S2 1991 by the way.

Haggerty wanted over £500 and so did Classic line just need to shop about.


1991 Titan Grey 944S2 (sold)
1996 Kawasaki ZX6R (Green of course)
1986 Red 924S (Sold)

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 Post subject: Re: Help, I don't want to drive normal cars again!
PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:42 am 

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Skype ID: JW590
Have you done a new quote on-line not mentioning the claim? That way you will see how much you're being loaded for the claim.

I hope you can get sorted out, but you have to consider the facts from the insurer's point of view - i.e. what the risk to them is.

The following comments may not be what you want to hear, but I'm just being factual so don't take offence. There's no point in being patronisingly nice to you - it doesn't help you get sorted out.

Top insurance group high performance car.
37 years old - which is young (most guys on here use a bus pass for everyday transport and the Porsche at weekends).
Only had a driving licence for four years - or are you rounding it up.
Recently written off another top insurance group high performance car.
Made an 'own fault' claim.
High risk trade group.
Car not garaged or parked on a driveway overnight.
High risk area - unfortunately insurance companies won't accept this statement - "I live in a (not rough) part of Manchester". Their view is that it's Manchester, it's all rough, and comes with associated risks... full stop. They use postcodes to assess risk. I've had mortgage companies refuse to lend on Manchester properties - just because they were in 'Manchester'. Which part do you live in?

If you don't want to pay the premium then you may have to go back to normality while you rebuild your no-claims and increase the time you have held a licence. I would lay the Porsche up somewhere and run a cheap to insure small engined car for a year.

Alternatively just do what immigrants do - drive without insurance... the fine is always less than the insurance premium would have been!


1991 944S2, 222000 miles.
2007 Audi A4 Avant Tdi 140 S-Line
2014 Mercedes SLK 250 AMG
1995 Triumph TR6

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 Post subject: Re: Help, I don't want to drive normal cars again!
PostPosted: Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:00 pm 

Joined: Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:24 pm
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Boxsters don't go on a classic insurance. 944's do! Join the club! It will save you 10% & on that premium it's a no brainer! Try the Aviva deal. Way cheaper than anything else for me. I don't have a garage & my '44 is insured as a daily drive including going to work. Might work for you! Your over 35 so shouldn't be too bad. I don't have a bus pass yet!!! :lol:

944 lux, Eco car. Off the road more than it's on!
Audi 2.0 TDI Good but rather boring..........
944 now sold.

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